10 Must-Have Technologies for Seniors

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While many think seniors are “late adopters” when it comes to technology, the truth is older Canadians — nearly 60% of those over the age of 65 — are getting online. Technology can make life more comfortable, and here are the top 10 must-haves for the tech-savvy senior.

iPads and Tablets

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The portability of iPads and Tablets make them a convenient tool, and their app-based functionality makes learning fun for even the most reluctant senior. Games, like Peak and CognFit, encourage brain fitness. Apps such as MyChart and MediSafe track health information. And don’t forget the convenience of sharing and viewing family photos with ease, listening to music, learning languages, or even watching movies. These devices are lightweight, have touchscreens that are easy to use, and offer easily adjustable font sizes for viewing comfort.

Gaming Platforms

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Whether it’s DragonQuest, Call of Duty, or World of Warcraft, video games improve mental agility, cognition, and with the development of games like Pokemon Go, improved physical health is an additional benefit. With a variety of gaming platforms to choose from — PC, Mac, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone, individual gaming devices — there’s something for every gamer’s preference.


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When it comes to social interaction, nothing beats Skype. Keeping in touch with family and friends is a breeze, with the real-time video chat program available for use on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, tablets, and mobile.

Healthy Living Blog-Roll

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Staying mentally and physically fit can be a hurdle at any age, but seniors can face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining optimal health. Sites such as Naturally Savvy and the Sunrise Blog keep provide up to date health information and a ton of great, easy recipes that make staying healthy fun.


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Many of us can’t imagine going for an hour without our SmartPhones, and now older adults are beginning to see for themselves how smart technologies can improve the quality of life. Seniors are trading in their older-style flip phones in favor of SmartPhones in record numbers. Not only are they a vital tool for keeping in touch with family and friends, but like tablets and iPads, SmartPhones app functionality can also save lives.

Wireless Home Monitoring Systems

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An overlooked, but crucial, technology for older adults living in their own homes is wireless home monitoring systems. More than just an alert in the event of an attempted intruder, many home monitoring systems can detect falls, report out of character behaviors (such as leaving home in the middle of the night), and some can even track vital signs. Wireless home monitoring can mean the ability to stay in the family home longer.

GPS Systems

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GPS systems are ideal for older adults who easily get lost or are living with early-stage dementia. GPS tracking technology that attaches to clothing, watches, or apps on smartphones can alert caregivers if someone accidentally wanders off. And GPS non-tracking systems are perfect for continued independence. They offer assistance navigating unfamiliar areas and help you get back to your starting point with ease.

Photo Phone Dialer

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We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to remembering phone numbers — especially long-distance or temporary phone numbers — a photo-phone dialer can make a big difference. Big button phone dialers provide a space to store a favorite picture of the person who owns the phone number.

Medication Dispensing Appliances

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If your medical regime requires more a one-a-day vitamin, medication dispensing smart appliances, like HERO, can take the worry out of dosing. Gone are the days of struggling with child-proof caps, and bulky pill calendars. With little more than the push of a button, smart medication dispensing technologies provide your medicine at the right time. It even sends an electronic message confirming the successful dose.

Automatic Stove ‘Turn-Off’ Devices

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Even the most attentive cook can get distracted, especially if the grandkids are running about the place. That’s where devices like the Stove Guard can help. With options for both gas and electric stoves, you’ll never again worry if you left the house without turning off the kettle.

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