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I Am: Writer | Bestselling. Award-Winning. Yada Yada | Lover of coffee, curries, zombies | Rescue mom


  • Kimberly Hutchison

    Kimberly Hutchison

  • Brendan Christopher

    Brendan Christopher

    I aim to highlight the benefits of animal-human relations and increase recognition for our fellow creatures.

  • iExperto


    iExperto is a top #Web_Design & Development Company in #Toronto. We provide #Corporate_Web_Design, #LMS, #Web_Development & #SEO_Services.

  • Timothy Rollo

    Timothy Rollo

    I am a 31-year-old father, I am a horror fanatic as well as a Sci-Fi fanatic, I have dabbled in voice acting and acting, I read and write as a hobby.

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